Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Sales and Distribution Module (SD)

The Sales and Distribution module remains one of the key modules in mySAP ERP. It has
always been one of the largest and most complex modules in SAP.
The SD module is made up of the following multiple components:

 • Basic Functions and Master Data in SD Processing (SD-BF)
 • Pricing and Conditions (SD-BF-PR)
 • Extra Charge (SD-BF-EC)
 • Availability Check and Requirements in Sales and Distribution
 • Credit and Risk Management (SD-BF-CM)
 • Material Sorting (SD-BF-AS)
 • Output Determination (SD-BF-OC)
 • Sales (SD-SLS)
 • Scheduling Agreements for Component Suppliers (SD-SLS-OA)
 • Customer Service Processing (SD-SLS-OA)
 • Foreign Trade/Customs (SD-FT)
 • Billing (SD-BIL)
 • Payment Card Processing (SD-BIL-IV)
 • Sales Support: Computer-Aided Selling (CAS)
 • Electronic Data Interchange/IDoc Interface (SD-EDI)
 • Shipping (LE-SHP)
 • Transportation (LE-TRA)
 • Reports and Analyses (SD-IS-REP)
 • Business Package for Internal Sales Representative (mySAP ERP)

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