Tuesday, June 27, 2017

SAP Master Data Governance (MDG)

SAP Master Data Governance is workflow-driven application introducing change-request based governance processes for master data management embedded in the SAP Business Suite.
Master Data Governance comes with pre-delivered content across key domains and is extensible to meet specific business needs. Such extensions are available across such areas as the data model; user interface and workflow process.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Pause the job. SAP

SM50 --> Kill Job process
BTCTRNS1  --> Pause the job   
SM37 --> Select your jon and Delete it / Stop it
SM36 --> 

How to create Job Steps SM36 SAP

1.SM36 Define Job

2. Add Step for Job

 3. SM37 Check steps

Friday, June 16, 2017

SAP FICO:Tcode FBV0 How to Post a Parked Document

SAP gives you a fairly simple way to park a journal entry document. This can be accomplished in nearly of the flavors of JE entry (FB50, FB60, FB70, F-02, but not the “post with clearing” t-codes: F-04, F-30 that I can tell).
There are several reasons you might want to park a document:

  • Some organizations use this as a security/separation of duties control: an accountant might create the entry and park it, does not have authorization to post, so a manager reviews the entry and posts it later.
  • The entry may be long and you are interrupted and need to come back to it later. Better to park an entry and come back to it than to leave it sitting open on your desktop
  • You may build up a entry throughout the month, entering the pieces as you go along and parking it at month-end. I wouldn’t recommend this, but it is done.

    How to Park and Post a Document

① Start your entry in your favorite JE t-code. You must enter at least one line item to park a document. Press the Park button when you’re ready to park it. Here’s the Park button in FB50 (in F-02, you may need to use Document/Park from the menu bar):
SAP: Park button in FB50

② Go to t-code FBV0 and select your document number. Click the List button if you need to search for your doc.

SAP: FBV0 to Post Parked documents

③Press enter to open the Edit screen. Here, you can make additions/adjustments to the parked document.

SAP: FBV0 Edit parked document

④After you’ve made your final adjustments, you can re-park, delete or post the document:

SAP: FBV0 menu options