Saturday, March 17, 2018

What are Special Business Transactions?

1 Rush order and Cash order

2 Consignment 

3 Free-of-charge delivery and subsequent delivery
4 Free-of-charge subsequent delivery

SAP Business process 23

1.Sales Quotation Business Process in SAP
2.Sales Order Processing: Sale from Stock
3.Sales Processing Using Third Party (without Shipping Notification)
4.Sales Processing using Third Party (w. Shipping Notification)
6.Free of Charge Delivery
7.Credit Management
8.Returns and Complaints
9.Advanced Customer Returns Management
11.Sales Order Processing for Prospect
12.Sales of Non-stock Item with Order Specific Procurement
13.Debit Memo Processing
14.Foreign Trade Export Processing
15.Customer Consignment Processing
16.Returnables Processing
17.Cross-Company Sales Order Processing
18.Sales Order Processing with Customer Down Payment
19.Sales Third-Party Process with Subcontracting
20.Sales: Period End Closing Operations
21.Credit Memo Processing
22.Sales Order Processing with Collective Billing
23.SAP SD Tables

Saturday, March 3, 2018

SAP Role Single-role Com-role

Single Role
Organizing Authorization Administration
Authorization Objects

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

Functional specification

Comanpy Plant  Eare Storage Location
Single Role 1 Comp1 AAA 111
Single Role 2 Comp1 BBB 111 222
Single Role 3 Comp1 CCC 111 222 333

Single Role,Comp Role
Comp Role 1 Comp Role 2 Comp Role 3
Single Role 1 X
Single Role 2 X
Single Role 3 X