Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Outline Agreement Release Strategy Table

Release To Date

EKAB   Release Documentation 
EKEH    Scheduling Agreement Release Documentation 
EKEK    Header Data for Scheduling Agreement Releases 
T161E   Release Codes 
T161F   Release Point Assignment for Purchase Requisition
T161G   Release Prerequisite, Purchase Requisition 
T161H   Fields for Release Procedure, Purchase Requisitio
T161I    Determination of Release Strategy 
T161S   Release Indicator, Purchase Requisition 
T161U  Texts for Release Indicator 
T163P    Release Creation Profile 
T163S    Description for Release Creation Profile 
T16FB    Release Indicators: Purchasing Document 
T16FC    Release Codes 
T16FD    Description of Release Codes 
T16FE    Descriptions of Release Indicators: Purchasing Do 
T16FG    Release Groups 
T16FH    Descriptions of Release Groups 
T16FK    Release Statuses 
T16FS    Release Strategies 
T16FV Previous Strategy
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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Outline Agreement - Release Strategy

 Create outling agreement  ME31K
       Input validity Date
       Input Type
   You will see the release button.
   From release button , to see Release Group , Release Strategy.
   Release Date:
   Release XXXX:

   ME35K  Release Code = Release end
   In this process , you can release the outing Agreement.