Sunday, January 19, 2020

Deriving sales area from Sold to party or Ship to Party ( Sales order creation initial screen )

Deriving sales area from Sold to party or Ship to Party

In order to represent complex sales structures in a flexible way, all the sales relevant data in the SAP System is defined according to sales area.
The sales areas (sales organization, distribution channel, division) are derived from the master data of the sold-to or ship-to parties. This means that you do not have to enter the sales area when you create a sales document.

1. If you do not specify a sales area in the initial screen when you create a sales document, the system uses the sold-to or ship-to parties that you entered in the overview screen, to derive the sales area. If there are several sales areas for that particular sold-to or ship-to party, you can choose the right sales area in the dialog box which will appear. The system then copies the selected sales area into the entry screen.

2. If you only enter a ship-to party, the system uses this to determine the sold-to party and if necessary, the sales area.

3. If there are several sold-to parties or sales areas for one ship-to party, a dialog box appears where you can choose the one you required. If the system is unable to determine a sold-to party, an error message appears in the status bar.

4. If you enter a sold-to party which is also the only ship-to party the system automatically copies it as such and informs you in the status bar.

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